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The Private School

The private school is built at the south of the village, at a place called Geffraudière, (today, Tayée road).

Until the second half of the 20th century, the school remained isolated. This part of the town was attached to the town following the construction of subdivisions. The location of the school at this point is probably due to the presence of the former presbytery on the Tayée road.

After the secularization of the municipal school in May 1899, the superior general of the Chênes de Paramé asked rector Thomas to build a free school. The founder of this congregation is Amélie Fristel (1798-1866). In 1856, in response to the request of the bishop of Rennes, she accepted the work of small schools.

After finding the funding (total cost 5 838 French Frank), work could begin. They started in the summer of 1899 and ended at the end of the year. The blessing took place on February 4th 1900, and the school began the next day with the Paramé sisters. They stayed there until July 25, 1963.

The building is typical of schools built at the end of the 19th century by its brick decor and the use of slate shale in regular equipment. The house of the nuns was built in November 1900. It is located in the building on the east side. Its brick marquee more elaborated than the other bays is justified by its housing destination.

The other two basket-handle-doors, sober,  allow direct access to the classrooms, which are lit by a window. The Guybourg company was responsible for the construction of the buildings.

Today, the private school welcomes all levels from pre-school to primary school. The expansion of the school has been inaugurated in 2017.

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