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The old rectory

The first presbytery called the “old presbytery” was outside the village, 800 meters south of the church, after “the Geffraudière”.

Built in an indefinite period, before the French Revolution, it included a large stone house with a kitchen and a room on the ground floor with independent entrances. The rector Sauvaget would have wooded the room, at his own expense, in the years 1770-1780. T woodwork would have been sold by the heirs of his successor Gaultier, around 1809.

Upstairs there were two bedrooms and two cabinets with attics on the roof. To the west, a small house was used as a stable and storeroom. To the north, an oven and two sheds completed the whole. On the back wall, a wooden bull’s eye probably allowed the lighting of the stairs.

Its distance from any home (which earned it to be stolen 2 or 3 times), its position in a low and wet ground (In winter, water enters to the room through the floor and makes it uninhabitable for several months), finally its state of complete decay pushed the city council to consider in 1879, the construction of a new presbytery.

To finance their future project, the “old presbytery” was sold on April 10, 1884 to Renoul for 4 060French frank.

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