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The hunting lodge

Formerly called “The Hall”, houses number 5, 7 and 9, in the place of the church, were built on the site of an old manor today gone. It was the hunting lodge of the lord of Châteaugiron.

The construction of this complex, often rebuilt, still includes a fireplace from the end of the 16th century and beams of the same period. It is possible that this construction is made with reuse-elements of the old manor.

The span facade and the width of the openings indicate that the rest of the building is from the 19th century. On the north facade, a wooden door allowed access to the spiral staircase.

A little further on the tour, facing the private school, the former farm of “La Geffraudière” and the bar-restaurant “La Grange” illustrate the style of farms with an imposing main building.

“La Geffraudière” has probably been built in two stages. First the 18th century farmhouse, then completed by a house with a roof pavilion and special care in the treatment of openings. The old farmhouse will then be used as a building.

The sites of “La Salle” and “La Geffraudière” are private properties, thank you to respect these places and not to penetrate the private enclosures.


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