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The courtyard

Part of the small heritage, the municipal courtyard is a recent construction.

Designed to host festivals and events in the center of the town, in a natural area nicknamed the meadow by the inhabitants, it was built in 2005 at the initiative of the municipality. It is part of a larger project started in 2003 by the recovery of a bread oven in Piré-Sur-Seiche (neighbor village), whose owners wanted to separate.

There are some bread ovens on the town (La Guinais, Tebry …) more or less preserved. In the town center, The oven of the farm now “bar-restaurant La Grange”, was sold by its owner before the purchase of the place by the municipality.

During the summer of 2004, the municipal employees, helped by volunteers and an international youth project with fellow builders, dismantle the bread oven of Piré-sur-Seiche by numbering the stones of the facade to reassemble. Young boys and girls from Morocco, Turkey and Russia took part in this educational project.

The soul of the oven that represents the brick vault and which could not be recovered, was redone by one of the last artisans of Ille-et-Vilaine, Hyacinthe Delourme, still having the “savoir-faire” of such a construction. On September 25, 2004, the inauguration gave rise to a very convivial picnic with baking in the oven.

The following year, once the framework of the municipal courtyard was laid by a company, the communal employees, helped by volunteers, built a mud wall in the manner of yesteryear, mixing straw and clay, layered and packed between branches.

Since this date, the municipal courtyard and its oven welcome both hikers sheltering the time of a picnic, as the players of shuffleboard.

In this place, are celebrated several events like the traditional festival of the pig-grilled the first weekend of July with fireworks around the pond. It serves as a showcase for various representations (gathering of vintage cars, sports events …) and festive meals organized by the association “La mie du Pavail” which manages the bread oven.

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