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The Church

In 1050, the monks of Béré (from Chateaubriand) received the church which was probably constructed with wood. They rebuilt the church with stones. The bell tower and the distribution of openings were built according to the roman’s uses.

Two chapels were added on the nave. The north’s one in 1500 and the south’s one in 1607. In 1620, a sacristy was edified on the west of the north chapel. The date “1607” and “1620” inscribed above the choir doors are misleading : they have been moved!

In 1853, the church was extended to the east with the neo classical tower bell. And an other sacristy was built.

In 1997, the bell tower collapsed on the roof of the church because of a huge storm. Two years later, the church was restored.

The memorial, next to the cemetery was order by the municipality in 1925 in memory of the children who “died for France” during the first world war. And then, some names were added for the ones who died in the second world war.

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