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The ancient presbytery

In 1883, the municipality wants to build a new presbytery, the old presbytery (Tayée road) is considered uninhabitable, mainly for reasons of humidity. The minicipality buys land in the village where there is a small farm built in the first half of the 19th century,

It is on this ground that will be built the presbytery on a plan of Auguste Marchand. This architect has built several presbyteries in the canton of Châteaugiron and presents plans that are refused for reasons of economy. The rector of the time, Father Thomas, judges the project “unworthy” of a presbytery and personally commits himself to the municipal council and the parish factory council to pay the 2000 French Frank that the additional work would require.

In the account of the blessing of the presbytery, October 21, 1885, in the presence of all his confreres of neighboring parishes, the rector Thomas said his satisfaction of having “succeeded because instead of a beautiful presbytery, there would have been a presbytery which would not have been suitable and would not have allowed the workers to sleep for 40 hours. ”

The presbytery – resold by the municipality in 1979 and became a dwelling house – is built of schist slate. Its decoration lies in the alternation of the materials of the berries which play on the color: the red of the brick, the gray of the granite and the white of the tufa.


The old presbytery is a private property, thank you to respect these places and not to enter the private enclosure.


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